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Welcome to ACTITO!#

ACTITO offers an agile SaaS Marketing Automation Platform that allows marketers manage to their marketing databases and build multichannel marketing campaigns (e-mail, text messages, push, call center, print, web, etc).

ACTITO unifies all customer data for a 360° vision, in order to launch real-time, highly personalized and multichannel marketing activations.

To learn more about what value ACTITO can provide to your marketing team, be sure to visit our!

This portal is aimed at developers and describes everything you need to know to understand how you can benefit from the ACTITO Platform.

ACTITO concepts you need to know!#

Before you get started with integration matters, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the fundamental concepts of the ACTITO platform.

Click here to learn more about ACTITO concepts.

Coming soon !#

In this Integration Framework developers portal, we'll try to reveal the sooner possible what we are building for you developers !
You'll then sometimes meet the SOON label on some features. That means that those features are not necessarily already available, or not accessible for the moment.
Anyway, the corresponding documentation spoil how it is planned to work, but protocol or details can still be changed until the official release.