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What's Zapier?#

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects numerous applications, such as ACTITO, Team Leader, Eventbrite, and over 1,000 more.

By building a Zap, you can connect Apps from different providers to synchronize data and automate repetitive tasks without having to code anything.

Integrating ACTITO with Zapier#

Zapier exploit ACTITO Integration Framework standards (APIs, Webhooks), to build user-defined flows. By connecting ACTITO to Zapier, you will be able to add a wide range of connections to your Martech stack:

  • Inform external systems when something is happening on the Data Model in ACTITO
  • Trigger marketing actions in ACTITO based on changes occuring outside ACTITO

The ACTITO App in Zapier lets you:

  • Trigger scenarios by listening to webhooks about Profile and Custom Tables
  • Do actions on Profile and Custom tables of the ACTITO Data Model