Feeding ACTITO Standard Data Model via APIs

ACTITO APIs provide two modes while dealing about feeding a table of its Standard Data Model with data : one by one or bulk.

Choosing between these two modes is very important and choice must be based both on the requirements of your own business activity but also on the limits regulating the use of APIs.

Bulk APIs

Bulk APIs must be used when data can be accumulated until reaching a volume large enough for batch processing. The mass import APIs is not meant to repeatedly post light files containing only a few records.

In any case, take in account that there is a limit of maximum number of bulk synchros per day. Moreover, mass imports are asynchronous. That is to say that the execution of a bulk import will take some times, and only one bulk import can be launched at the same time (posting multiple imports will simply queue those imports and they will be processed one after the other).

One by one APIs

On the other side, when a data is by nature created (or updated) in a one by one manner (linked to a visit on your website, a ticket created in your retail system etc.) and when you should exploit this data in a real-time basis, you should use the one by one APIs.

Real-time or batch?

You can combine both modes in your synchronisation, depending on your marketing team needs. For example:

  • Sync your profiles on a real-time basis so you can send a welcome email as soon as the subscribe.
  • Sync your calculated fields once per day to feed your daily batch promotions campaign.