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Standard Data OUT flows

What are those OUT flows?#

In addition to oneshot exports you can launch via ACTITO Portal, ACTITO enables you to set up 'Standard OUT flows' to ask ACTITO to export every day the new information that your marketing automation processes in ACTITO have generated.

General Principles#

  • One CSV file is generated for each activated flow per profile table and per day.
  • Each generated file contains incremental data (accumulated from the last export).
  • The export frequency is once a day. The generation is started at the specified time.
Launch time vs availability

In order to process the generated files, it's preferable to schedule OUT flows during the night.
Please note that depending on calculation time (volume of data can be huge), files availability on the file transfer server should be few minutes later than the requested export launch time. We advise you to schedule the files retrieve around 30 minutes after the launch time.

File transfer#

Standard exports files are uploaded to a location of a remote server (FTPS or SFTP).
To declare the configuration and location where the files will be uploaded, please refer to the File Transfer section.

File retention delay

Export files uploaded on FTPS servers hosted at ACTITO are kept for a maximum of 5 days.
Beyond 5 days, they will be automatically deleted.
Anyway, it's a good practice to delete files after having collected them.

File specifications#

  • Format: CSV
  • Encoding: UTF-8
  • Columns names: Yes
  • Cells separator: ;
  • Lines separator: \n
  • Encapsulation Character (quoting char): " (double quotes)
  • Escape Character (escape char): " (double quotes)
  • Separator of decimal: .
  • Separator between values of a multi-values field: ,

Files will always be compressed with ZIP compression format.

Available Out flows#

You can ask the activation of any of the following Out flows:

Data related to Interactions#

For interactions linked to E-mails Campaigns:

  • the 'E-Mails sent' file
  • the 'E-mails not set' file
  • the 'Hardbounce returns of e-mail' file
  • the 'Softbounce returns of e-mails' file
  • the 'E-mails Opening' file
  • the 'Clicks in a e-mail' file
  • the 'Unsubscribed from e-mails' file

For interactions linked to SMS Campaigns:

  • the 'SMS sent' file
  • the 'SMS non-sent' file
  • the 'SMS delivered' file
  • the 'Bounces SMS' file

For interactions linked to Print Campaigns:

  • the 'Print ready' file
  • the 'Print Non-sent' file
  • the 'Print download' file

For interactions linked to Social Campaigns:

  • the 'Custom audience ready' file
  • the 'Custom audience non-sent' file
  • the 'Custom audience download' file

For interactions linked to Call Center Campaigns:

  • the 'Call center ready' file
  • the 'Call center non sent' file
  • the 'Call center downloaded' file

For interactions linked to Goals:

  • The 'Webvisit Goal reach' file
  • The 'Transactionnal Goal reach' file

Files related to Surveys

Data not related to Interactions#

  • The 'Subscription update (all sources)' file
  • The 'Emails complaints' file
  • The 'Emails not to be contacted' file
Interested in setting up one or many of those OUT flows?

Contact your Support team and define which flow you require and when/where the files should be dropped off.