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File Transfer

The file transfer server locations where ACTITO will upload/download files must be provided while defining an IN or OUT flow.

It can be weither:

Hosted by ACTITO#

ACTITO can provide you with secured FTP server accounts (FTPS).

If you need one, you will have to provide :

  • login (i.e. the account name)
  • IPs that will be used to access the server so as our network team can whitelist those IPs.

Once created, we will send you the password to use to connect.

Contact our support team for FTPS account creation requests.

ACTITO takes in charge the regular cleaning of those FTP server accounts. So as to say those servers are not to be used to “store” files on a long term.

If you decide to use an ACTITO FTPS server, you have to ask your network provider to:

  • Allow output traffic from your network to our IPs on destination TCP port 21 (FTP Authentication channel).
  • Allow traffic from your network to our IPs on the TCP port range : from 31000 to 32000 (Data channel).

Our FTP server IPs :

TEST : (


On your own server#

  • The supported protocols are FTP (secured or not) and SFTP.
  • Uploaded files will be managed on your end. ACTITO will not take in charge file cleaning.
File Transfer API

For full information on API calls to set up file transfer server configurations or automated file transfer synchronizations, check our FILE TRANSFER API section.