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Versioning and transition policy

ACTITO enhances every day its core products and we actively work to improve the usability of our Integration Framework.

Saying that it's important for you to take in account the version of the APIs or Webhooks you plug your system too.

Our policy is to make the transition between versions as smooth as possible, and we will never end up supporting a version without:

  1. Warning users
  2. Let the time to migrate your code to the new version

Actual versions of the API:

V4 and V5

Actual version of Webhooks:


For sure, this documentation portal will be updated as soon as a new version comes up.

V5 is now out !

This V5 version comes with new features and philosophy.
In this version, we'll try to stick more to standard REST API usages and to have consistent behaviors between resources.
You'll be warned each time a V4 feature is deprecated and should be replaced by its V5 equivalent.