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BasicAuth (Deprecated)

For V4 APIs, you can still use the former "Webservice user" you were perhaps provided with by our Support Team.

This user consist in a "ws username" and a password you can provide with each call to the API by using Basic Authentication

Generating Authorization header#

In BasicAuth, the Authorization header has to be filled with a string composed with the following pattern:

Basic base64("{actitolicence}/{wsuserName}:{password}")

Example : for the licence "ActitoIODemo", with a ws username "WebServices_test" and a "NBCJD44DLFNX$" password the Authorization header should be:

Basic base64("ActitoIODemo/WebServices_test:NBCJD44DLFNX$")


Basic QWN0aXRvSU9EZW1vL1dlYlNlcnZpY2VzX3Rlc3Q6TkJDSkQ0NERMRk5YJA==

Use API key !

As our new V5 API is only accessible with API Key authentication, and as BasicAuth is now deprecated, we encourage you to migrate all your calls to user API keys.